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A graduate of the Faculty of Electronics at the Gdańsk Technical University, an IT engineer, gained professional experience both in domestic companies (eg Malborskie Zakłady Chemiczne Organika) and foreign corporates (3M, Walter-Heilit Verkehrswegebau). Working in managerial positions, he was responsible for cross-border projects and production processes. For over 20 years associated with finance, construction and management.

Adam has experience in financial management of construction projects and commercial mortgage banking. He worked at BRE Bank Hipoteczny (currently mBank Hipoteczny) as regional director in the credit department, giving opinions and supervising transactions concluded with investors in the Pomeranian region. He also serves on management boards and supervisory boards of several private companies, in others as an adviser, sits on the Sectoral Competence Council for the Chemical Sector established at PARP. Author of over a dozen unpublished studies in the field of financing investments in the commercial real estate market.